Trekking and walking - the new frontiers of slow tourism


Has the way of tourism changed or have we changed?

The world of Trekking and Walking has brought us into a new reality of slow and sustainable tourism.


No data is needed to realize that trekking and walking are the experiences that have generated the most appeal and interest in recent years.

Even before the pandemic, the attention towards trekking and walking was already high but then something happened. AWARENESS has increased.

We tried in a forced way what it means to stay at home, we then observed with different eyes the TIME available and the NATURE we had around us.

rekking and walking for several days is not a fashion but a growing need for those who feel that traveling slow is an authentic and sustainable way of investing their precious time.


Trekking, Hiking, Nordic Walking, Trail, it is not easy to find your way around the many outdoor proposals. One thing is certain, however you decide to do it, walking in nature is the healthiest and most sustainable choice you can make! It has now been proven by various studies that staying in nature for at least a few hours has immediate benefits on our body and immune system. To learn more about the topic, you can read THE EFFECTS OF FOREST BATHING - "BATHING IN THE FOREST".

Trekking, alone or in a group, is an outdoor experience that has seen a rapid surge in popularity in recent years.

This is mainly for three reasons:

  1. During the past periods of lockdown we went, almost by instinct, to the discovery of valleys, along rivers and ridges in close radius;
  2. The pandemic has also brought a positive awareness;
  3.  We are not detached from nature but we are part of it;
  4. In Italy we already have a well-developed and practicable path network.

Trekking is a slow way of traveling that does not “waste” time, but rather allows you to experience situations one at a time and with taste.

To ensure that trekking is also a sustainable experience, it is necessary to remember to:

  • Arrive at the starting point by public transport or by sharing the passage with other participants;
  • Respect nature and the environments you will encounter (I recommend that you always have a bag and a pair of gloves with you in order to collect any waste);
  • Be equipped so as not to generate further waste (Some examples? No plastic bottle YES water bottle, NO glass YES cup NO Packaged snacks YES jar with things to eat prepared beforehand).

For some tips on how to equip yourself during a trek, see the article TIPS ON EQUIPMENT FOR A TREKKING. ADVENTURE CALLS… WALK!

Let's play a game .... Think of the first Path that comes to mind ok? 3,2,1, .. GO! Here I see it, look at it there… you have thought of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela! How can we not agree, the Camino de Santiago is perhaps the most popular route with stages in the world that thousands of pilgrims travel every year. Here, however, I want to tell you about the opportunity to make a journey in Italy. Our country is in fact the nation with the largest number of trails and paths in the world. The Sentiero Italia, for example, is the longest route that passes through all our Regions. Going on a journey of several days means NOT BEING ABLE TO PROGRAM EVERYTHING, organize the essentials and trust. A nice exercise to bring into everyday life, don't you think? The Way is an upgrade of trekking not so much from a sporting point of view, in my opinion, but above all from a mental point of view. When trekking we know that sooner or later we will return to the comforts of home and we can also afford not to speak to the people around us along the path. During a Walk, however, everything is more amplified, it will be natural to listen to your body, let go of your thoughts and have a chat with perfect strangers! Here are some impressions collected BEFORE LEAVING FOR THE VIA FRANCIGENA. BUT HOW MANY WALKS ARE THERE IN ITALY?

The most reliable answer to this question is… definitely a LOT. As you know, the official routes provide for the delivery of a Credential at the start to be stamped at the end of each stage. In 2020, Terre di Mezzo Editore data, the credentials delivered in Italy were over 29,000, attesting to the growing interest in this slow and sustainable way of traveling. There are many opportunities for those who want to experience themselves in a journey along a Way in Italy.

The most famous are certainly:

  • Via Francigena;
  • Via degli Dei;
  • Way of Oropa;
  • Path of the Brigands;
  • Dante's Way;
  • The Via di Francesco, ………… the list continues with many routes of several stages scattered along our wonderful boot.

Not just a journey, but an opportunity to learn about nature, history and local traditions.

The future of tourism is made up of experiences and slowness. We have rediscovered the wonder of playing time together with nature, discovery and encounter and we can no longer do without it!

What will your next slow experience be?



Article written by Mattia- Scomfortzone 

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Published on 11-01-2022

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